How to Draft a Proper Project Brief When Outsourcing

A comprehensive brief can be the key to a successful project with an outsourcing company, provided that you have chosen the best service provider to fit your needs. Not all briefs are created equal and making your own project brief may not be easy too, but it will be worth it.

Here are some ways to draft your brief and to communicate your idea accurately.

Outline the scope of your project request

Avoid getting misunderstood. Convey an idea accurately. However, you can’t do this if don’t know how to express what’s on your mind. Define what your project is in one to two sentence.

Set clear objectives

The professional freelancers you want to work with may be great at what they do, but they must know your business first before they can work. This is why you need to put your request into context and give background information about your company. Communicate what you want to achieve with your job request.

Filter down the cluster of information

Make an outline that your designated freelancer can be easily understood and navigate through. Bulleted or numbered lists will be appreciated. If there are smaller tasks, you may define it is a short paragraph.

Clarify responsibilities

Your brief must also mention what you are expecting from the freelancer and how you would like the project outcome to be delivered. Would you want is to be delivered in submission phases or as an end product? Be precise and try to be in the position of the freelancer. This way you can provide the information, necessary to get your project delivered the way you want it to be.

Be straightforward

Keep your sentences short. Keep an active voice to preserve clarity and avoid unnecessary details. Make it purposeful.

Provide accompanying resources

Compile useful references/resources into an attachment depending on their number, format, and significance.

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