Outsourcing Basics: Why Should You Outsource?

Outsourcing is usually defined as obtaining product or services from an outside supplier instead of relying on the in-house employees. Nowadays, many think that outsourcing largely contributes to a large scale business operation. The services acquired from the outsourcing companies vary on what your business does and require to fully function.

Many western companies have integrated outsourcing to various specialized companies or professional freelancers in their business processes. This has made the outsourcing a booming industry globally and even increased the revenue to around 88 billion dollars.

However, there are still a lot of companies who are reluctant about outsourcing. They throw an overload of work at their in-house employees who don’t have experience doing those tasks. This usually ends in wasted time and effort of the employees and the company.

One cited major issue is the lack of awareness of business owners. They think that freelancers are not competent to do the job when in truth these professionals choose not to have a steady job but instead focus on their passion. Add to that, offshore outsourcing does not mean going to another side of the planet. Outsourcing companies are in fact just a few minutes away through the internet.

Here are the perks of outsourcing that they are missing out.

Low Cost, Less Stress

When you hire employees for the task you need, you have to spend time, money and effort to train them. Add to that you have to provide their equipment, software, payroll, and benefits. The list can go on and you will get overwhelmed. If you outsource your team, you can just deal with just one contract that can be terminated after one project.

Access to Expertise

Freelancers and expert individuals in outsourcing companies have enough experience to finish the job at a shorter time with high quality. There is no need to wait for your employee to polish their skills, you can access professional service immediately. This also means that you can provide better services or products to your clients.

Space Management

If you are a small business, there will be a high chance that you are sitting in a tight office. There will be very limited space to move between desks. If you outsource services, you do not have to worry about expanding your space for employees who only need for a couple of months.

More Time to Focus on Your Core Business

As you run your business your workload is bound to increase even on non-core functions such as with the marketing, social media management, and customer service. Outsourcing to a third party will free you from workload and will give you more time to focus on your business itself.

Free Up Your Employees

Let your employees work on what they are hired to do and what they do best to run a smooth operation.

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