TRG: assisting small to medium sized companies in tax recovery, accounting and tax preparation

Tax Recovery Group, Inc. (TRG) and the North American Business Alliance, today announced a strategic alliance that aims to assist small to medium sized companies in tax recovery, accounting and tax preparation.

North American Business Alliance will leverage its partnership and sponsorship base to launch a new premium suite of membership services. NABA and TRG are also exploring how North American Business Alliance’s network and services can be leveraged within TRG’s own products, portals and national partners.

“The NABA is taking a revolutionary approach to delivering greater functionality and convenience to small and medium sized businesses,” said Darryl Oliver, Vice President, TRG, Inc. “NABA’s business network is clearly aimed at changing the rules of sales, marketing and business services in favor of both consumers and merchants. North American Business Alliance will assist small and medium sized businesses in becoming more successful and TRG can help with accounting, audit protection and tax recovery services.”

“Many of today’s two million small businesses are not aware of products and services that will make them more successful and we intend to solve that problem,” said John Leech, North American Business Alliance, President and Chief Executive Officer. “We receive very aggressive proposals from market leaders in business products and services. We chose TRG as our strategic alliance partner because TRG offered the best turnkey business opportunity with the right combination of service, reputation, market presence and vision.”

About Tax Recovery Group, Inc.

Tax Recovery Group is the amended tax specialist, helping clients recover overpaid taxes since 1995. Our tax preparers are the best at what they do. Historically, we have retrieved money for seven out of ten clients with an average return of over $10,000. If we can’t recuperate money for you, there is absolutely NO FEE. Our success rests on the expertise our providers have in the tax law, zeal in tracking newly released IRS deductions, and the wide disparity of knowledge between tax preparers and the difficulty they have with their overwhelming workload during tax season.

Our tax specialists stand by their work and guarantee to defend their calculations with any department of revenue. Our service will either deliver money to you or give you the peace of mind that your tax preparer is doing the best possible job for you. Either way, YOU WIN!
Information about TRG can be found at

About North American Business Alliance

The North American Business Alliance (NABA) is a business membership services company specializing in marketing of small to medium size business products and services in the US. The NABA is a company providing the relationship of high-level business services, solutions and products amongst its members and sponsors nationwide. They focus on providing two kinds of national services:

•    Providing NABA members access to a comprehensive group of services, products and information in all business-related aspects pertinent to entrepreneurs, small businesses and medium sized companies.

•    Providing NABA sponsors a growing platform for sales and marketing to a large market share of the small/medium business segment.

Information about North American Business Alliance and its products and services are available at

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