Why Employees Are Taking Risks In Freelancing?

Prices and bills are lucrative increasing, and salary increase has remained as a promise yet to fulfill by the companies to its employees. The Forbes’ co-founder Jeff Wald is expecting around 35% of the workforce will become freelancers by the year 2020.

Minimum earners and including the people working in the administration officials are now considering and taking risks in freelancing. Securing an extra cash to make ends meet for their families is just one of the reasons, why people are now interested to become freelancers or independent contractors.

To evaluate further why employees are leaving their office-based jobs, reasons are as follows:

1. Too much office politics

Whenever you and whatever work you do, office politics cannot be avoided, especially if the company is well-established. There are people who would love to kiss their boss’ butt even if it means hurting everyone in the organization. Loyal and hardworking employees get to be stress easily when office politics arises, pushing them to leave and work as freelancers instead.

2. They’d like to utilize more their skills and abilities

Getting ready and going to work consumes a lot of their time, leaving them to do repetitive tasks as soon as they arrive at the office. In this case, they feel bored and unchallenged. Employees think that in freelancing, they can utilize more and develop their skills by working with different clients.

3. Compensation package can no longer sustain their needs.

In freelancing, the more you’re eager to get clients and determine to satisfy them with your work, it gives you the opportunity to earn more. While working in an office-based job, working overtime is not paid or worst, the boss requires you to work on weekends and way beyond the scope of work. Lastly, 66% of skilled people working in a company who feel unappreciated with a minimum wage will definitely take risks in freelancing.

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